Devin yang thel sorashd


Had a lot of time working on her! I took my time and really tried to step up the level of detail!

As for the character herself, Thel’Soras is part of my Asgaean world, titled "The High Mage of the North". Her affinity for wintry magic has allowed her to wield more power than most Iceborn in the cold north of Asgaea. This has caused her physical form to drastically warp, sprouting draconic horns and becoming a shrouded in a cold, dark aura. She is a part of Heleguriel's Order, which is a tag team of assassins who work behind the scenes to ensure the safety and prosperity of all Iceborn, while Heleguriel leads the charge to wipe all traces of the plague in an effort to stop it from spreading into the sacred El’Gon forests. Her power is so immense she has to struggle to keep from losing her mind to the addictive nature of frost magics.