Devin yang stageselect

Stage Select Mock-up. Player can slide the screen left or right to scroll thru pictures of all the levels horizontally.

Node Trailer

Devin yang bawls 0

In-Game screenshot 1

Devin yang spin

In-Game screenshot 2 (w/o UI)

Devin yang gamescreen layout

In-Game Mock-up/Concept

Devin yang titlescreen

Title Screen Mock-up/Concept. Font is bigger on two focus points: Title of the game, Play button. Font is smallest on credits since that's least relevant to the excitement of the player.


UPDATE: Winner of the MassDIGI Game Challenge as Best Design

I participated in the Global Game Jam this year (2017) and helped produce my very first video game! The Global Game Jam is where people gather together to make a game in under 48 hours. In this process, I created mock-ups of the game, all of the visual assets, and also got to work on the UI. I am happy to say my team is exceptional and super enthusiastic and I had the best of times working with them!

Our game is called: Node. It's a techno-themed puzzle game requiring players to think about the influence of sound waves. The player navigate particles through levels and obstacles using different sound-emitting nodes that attract or repel the objects from their goal. You can download and play our game here: