Candy Land Game Concept

Devin yang as mockup

In-game Mockup

Devin yang as candymonsters
Devin yang as candyland class ideas
Devin yang as level

Level Mockup w/o characters

Devin yang as fruitpiearcanist
Devin yang as candycaneduelist
Devin yang as icecreamgrenadier
Devin yang as cookiecavalier
Devin yang as chocolatecannoneer

Candy Land Game Concept

Got super inspired by baking shows I've been watching recently and had this idea for a cute cartoon-y 2D platformer beat-em-up/puzzle game! This definitely ended up stretching more of my game design muscles rather than my art (I love love love class/kit design), but either way I'm super happy the fun results! Tried my hand at creature design for once and that was surprisingly fun and I'm looking forward to creating more non-humanoid characters. Ultimately, this would be a co-op game because I find so much joy and fun in those, but it would also work as a single player RPG. The story follows that you (and maybe some of your friends) fall into Candy Land much the way Alice falls into Wonder Land and you're trying to get back, but you just keep getting caught in all these situations that require your help.