Borëa Auroris

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Borëa Auroris

Borëa, Lady of the Northern Lights, the third descendant of the Keeper of Life, wielder of Light and Frost fire magic, Protector of the Quel. Since birth from the cosmos, she was charged with the duty of preserving peace and balance in the icy lands of the north. Her magical capacity was so great that she was chained to the constantly rupturing floes of the Quel, an area of powerful, but extremely unstable and dangerous magic. Eventually, as with all things enslaved by time, she broke free of her restraints and sought revenge for her imprisonment, seeking the entities who gave birth to her, lying beyond Asgaea, but to no avail. To this day, Borëa's vengeance has not dissipated whatsoever, but her powers wane as she ages through eternity, eventually giving out. Only within the recent thousand years has she begun making peace with creatures who now roam the lands she has watched over for eons; one action includes creating the Iceborn by bestowing frost magics in a deal with Heleguriel.