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Descended from the master Haûldrind race, Heleguriel and a portion of Pyravi sisters moved towards the north in seek of refuge millennia ago when an ungodly pestilence wreaked disaster and death upon their original home further south. While the Haûldrind population slowly diminished, the Arcrhînd found it no easier in the cold, glacial realm. Many were lost to the ice and cold waters before Heleguriel bartered a deal with the demi-goddess, Borëa. In exchange for sustainable life in the north, the Pyravi would have to be reborn as creatures of ice and serve as guardians of the realm first and foremost. Thus Haûldrind became Arcrhînd, Iceborn. The magic Borëa provided fused with their innate fire magics, slightly warping their appearance, but it was a small sacrifice for it opened new possibilities and provided a way for them to thrive and build a grand city of ice away from the plague. Heleguriel leads the charge to wipe all traces of the plague in an effort to stop it from spreading.