Devin yang as eigon shaman ilaras
Devin yang as ilaras concept sheet
Devin yang as flat colors

Flat Colors

Devin yang as line art

Line Art

Gón Shaman Il'Aras

Il’Aras, at the age of 64, is the youngest of his people to ever become guardian of the spirit tree, a Gon Shaman. The spirit tree sits on his back, granting Il’Aras powers of foresight as well as more life energy and magical capacity, but the tree is also a burden he has to protect until he dies. He carries a spirit staff, passed down from Gon Shaman to Gon Shaman, capable of mending people’s minds & bodies as well as manipulating a form of spirit magic. His people live deeply in sync with nature and are bound to the power of nature itself. They migrated northwest from the depths of the El’Gon forest for a reason long forgotten and settled hundreds of years before any other human civilization. His people transplanted seeds from El’Gon’s spirit fauna to their present location, Gladesfall. The plants allow them abnormally long lifespans for humans, up to 200 years old.