Ms Meta

Devin yang mockup 2

In-game alleyway mockup (experimentation with perspective)

Devin yang wall varations 2

Wall exploration for buildings along the level. Wanted to establish a texture/direction for how the buildings look in-game.

Devin yang doors 4 8

Door assets/exploration

Devin yang windows 3 point

Window assets/exploration

Devin yang overhangs

Shop overhang assets

Devin yang ezgif com resize 2

Particle exploration for Backdraft, first boss (character sprites created by Sarah Zaidan)

Devin yang ezgif com resize

Particle exploration for an evil robot spiderbot minion projectile and impact

Devin yang msmeta neutral

Ms Meta (sprite by Dr Sarah Zaidan)

Devin yang healthbar ideations 2

UI exploration. Figuring out how to display information in a readable manner. Green bar is her special ability gauge.

Devin yang metcon pull screenshot

Logo explorations

Devin yang logos round 1

Early logo explorations

Devin yang mockup1

Early mock-up

Ms Meta

This is a game I worked on with Dr Sarah Zaidan over the course of a year. Most of the work for this was done over the summer. It's a game about superheroine Ms Meta, making her way across time, each level being reflected by the art style of comics at that time. I worked on the level for the 70s creating concept art and some in-game assets, including assets and explorations for the UI. I also created some 2D/comic-themed power/particle visualizations. I helped Sarah develop a branding identity via Logo exploration and creation. It's still currently being developed and worked on and a vertical slice is set to be released within the next year.