Devin yang dbpostercondesned

Cover Art w/ Lexie Zarow – Lexie set up the composition/sketch and I took it to final render!

Devin yang standingbannerweb

Standing Banner Art w/ Lexie Zarow & Andre de Oliviera – Lexie blocked in the characters and I set up the lighting and effects. Andre contributed to finishing touches.

Devin yang screen shot 2019 03 07 at 10 29 00 pm

In-game Screenshot #1 – Desert where Deadboy wakes up to find himself in 'The Middle' that he needs to journey through to find himself back in the land of the living.

Devin yang screen shot 2019 03 07 at 10 29 28 pm

In-game Screenshot #2 – Sewer area where Deadboy first encounters Drowned Girl.

Devin yang screen shot 2019 03 07 at 10 32 57 pm

In-game Screenshot #3 – Suburbian area where the player meets Squishboy.

Devin yang screen shot 2019 03 07 at 10 33 26 pm

In-game Screenshot #4 – Tunnels that Squishboy can access which reveals his backstory and untimely demise (teddy bear, books, paper, blood, etc)

Devin yang char colortouchup1

Character concepts

Devin yang screen shot 2019 03 07 at 10 44 40 pm

Concept art created for starting area (desert)

Devin yang forestarea2

Concept art created for fiery forest area level.

Devin yang forestarea

Concept art created for a flowery forest area. This direction was too beautiful and didn't fit well with the darker theme so it was scrapped.

Devin yang electricbabymap morecolor

Early Art Direction Test

Devin yang fireboimap2

Early Art Direction Test #2

Deadboy Early Development Demo

Devin yang screen shot 2019 03 07 at 10 34 20 pm

Logo ideations/exploration.


*** BEST ART at MassDIGI Game Challenge 2019 ***

This is my Capstone game about a boy teetering on the edge of life and death, who makes his way through the Middle, dealing with the five stages of grief. It's a somewhat spooky, yet fantastical 2D puzzle platformer and we're hoping to release a shortened version of the game at the end of 2019 on Steam and other platforms due to many of us graduating and starting our careers! We are currently finishing up the shortened game, and I'll be updating this as soon as we're finished! I've been working on concept art & game level assets, polish for characters, logo/branding, and a little bit of animation.

Ryan Maloney – Producer
Rachel Ellis – Level Designer & Narrative Lead
Isaac Shutz – Sound Designer
Alex Zilbersher – Lead Programmer & Technical Artist
Chris Juchem – Programmer
Lexie Zarow – Lead & Character Artist
Andre de Oliveira – Animator
Devin Yang – Level & Marketing Artist