Boston Commons

Devin yang boston common base

Base Illustration w/ Leaf Particle

Marquee Animation – No animation is allowed on the bottom screens according to state policies. Bottom screens are designated space for State PSAs in this case, but placeholders are shown in this simulation.

BCEC Marquee Model by Courtney Clay

Video Wall Conversion

Video Wall Recolor – Autumn

Boston Commons

This was my first creative piece done during my internship at the MCCA. I was assigned the task of creating a seasonal piece for the convention center's large digital marquee display in front of the North Lobby (a model of the structure is provided for clarity, made by Courtney Clay ). It was my first time designing something for a three dimensional output, but following a template and the guidance of my coworkers helped out a lot! The piece was later converted into a Video Wall format and I also did a recolor for the Video Wall so this seasonal piece can be played during the autumn as well! I was introduced to Trapcode during this project and that was really exciting!