Devin yang kaeillustration5


Devin yang ezgif com resize

Illustration process from thumbnail sketch

Devin yang kaerendered

Rendered final concept of Kae

Devin yang kaeposesketches

Figuring out what pose to render her final concept in

Devin yang kaeposes

Pose/action exploration for how she moves and how her discs move

Devin yang kaeprops

Prop sheet with some items relevant to her! (She loves her energy bars like... a LOT)

Devin yang kaeportrait

I started her design from a portrait. I knew I wanted to her be an east asian presenting fighter so I explored hair and face variations until I found one I liked! I did away with hair dye since asian characters CAN stand unique without dye!!!

Devin yang kaeinitial

Initial Kae concepts. Liked the gold and black color, so went to explore that some more

Devin yang kaeexplore1

Ideations of Kae with a long scarf. Really liked the idea of floating headphones!!

Devin yang kaeexplore2

Figured I wanted to go back to her fighter roots since the scarf gave more mage vibes. Shortened the scarf and did variations without it

Devin yang kaecolorchange

Decided to change up the colors because the yellow and black became very limiting. Settled on something more neon and futuristic & turned her headphones into something less headphone-y and more ambiguous

Devin yang kaeillustrationthumbs2 copy

Initial thumbnail sketches for Kae's illustration. I went with bottom left corner, but the third one across on top was promising for a while!

Devin yang kaesummer

Fun summer sketch of Kae in a beach outift!


Kae is a Spirit Hunter in a post-apocalyptic future where humans had to make a pact with entities of a mirror realm to save the planet from complete extinction. In return for saving Earth, they were allowed to live alongside humans. Some spirits are benevolent and some are bad. She is employed by the world government to track down and detain wrong-doing spirits. Her discs are powered by two spirits which she made a pact with after detaining them. Kae is a fighter who is very good at what she does. She has a thing for energy bars and cute soft things!