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Syranthia was once young, happy, and carefree. She had begun training as a botanist in the Lifebloom Reservoir and was recognized as a rising talent in the study of plants and life. However, she was one of the first to catch and suffer the plague. It took some time before the plague could fully wreak havoc upon her mind and body; for the most part, she was able to resist it by concocting various experimental poultices and plant-derived potions. After recovering from the plague, she found beautifully devilish flora sprouting from her hands, her once pure white hair turned to crimson petals; her carefree personality warped into rambunctiousness and foolhardiness. However, she found immunity to various illnesses, magics, and dangers, hence earning her a seat beside Morn’Hiril and Yarel in terms of how respected she is.