Santa Claus Edutainment

Devin yang santa clip
Devin yang propsheet


Devin yang backgrounds


Devin yang character sheet


Santa Claus Edutainment

I am so proud to post this student project that I worked on with 3 amazing teammates in Northeastern University's Animation Basics class! This is our edutainment project and we chose to do a Christmas-themed narrative. It took the span of 4 weeks to accomplish what we have here, from storyboarding and script-writing to editing and animation! I worked with Ashley Knehans, Beatrice Tolan, and Vida Zhang, 3 SUPER AMAZING GROUP MEMBERS AND FRIENDS!!!

I worked on most – if not all – of the assets we used, took the lead on art direction, and helped out with animation in a few scenes. Ashley took the lead on the script. Bea did an amazing job voice acting and working on our soundtrack & SFX (she was also the genius behind that ear blood scene). Vida helped animate a lot of this! Overall, the animation and concept art was split pretty proportionally; it was a true team effort from beginning to the end!