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Santa Claus Edutainment

I am so proud to post this student project that I worked on with 3 amazing teammates in Northeastern University's Animation Basics class! This is our edutainment project and we chose to do a Christmas-themed narrative. It took the span of 4 weeks to accomplish what we have here, from storyboarding and script-writing to editing and animation! I worked with Ashley Knehans, Beatrice Tolan, and Vida Zhang, 3 SUPER AMAZING GROUP MEMBERS AND FRIENDS!!!

I worked on most – if not all – of the assets we used and chose the general art direction. Ashley helped write most of the script. Bea did an amazing job voice acting and working on our soundtrack and FX. Vida helped animate a LOT of this! Overall, we split up the animation and concept art; it was a true team effort from beginning to the end!