Devin yang mornhiril


Badly misunderstood by the Iceborn, the Seregae constantly being hunted by the prior kind. The Seregae are seen, in their eyes, as a bane — a scar — upon the existence of Pyravikind, and should be annihilated in order for the world to return to balance and light. Morn’Hiril, the first of the Seregae, established a refuge in the northern Pyr forests for those who had overcome the plague, but were forever changed; although she bided her time and saved quite a number of Seregae, she has also suffered losses of dear sisters having either been picked off by the relentless Iceborn or having been Lost to the plague. One day Morn’Hiril vows to put an end to the hunting of her people and to wreak revenge on the one who has been leading the hunt against the Seregae.