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Yül’Tyra is arguably the most skilled Living Weapon alive, Leader of the South Shore Squadron, and sister of Empress Solara. On the other side of the world, the Ulentyan Imperium exists, far away from the disaster which decimated the Haûldrind. Ulentyr is a continental island, which Yül'Tyra and countless other Pyravi call home, consisting of mostly rock, and pine. Rivers and streams flow aplenty throughout the lands; the air is constantly chilly, only broken by the warmth of fire magic pervading from the capital city, Ul'Entis. Her people have since built a mighty cliffside kingdom, its magic radiating outwards and speckling the arid lands with warmth. Yül'Tyra and her squadron of five senior Living Weapons have been charged with investigating and repelling the demon resurgence in the South.