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Empress Solara

She is the empress of the continent of Ulentyr, ruling in the Pyravi capital of Ul’Entis; also sister of Yül’Tyra. She is the second to succeed the throne after a political rift – thousands of years ago – drove a large portion of Pyravi to Ulentyr. Solara was born of royal blood, fit to conjure great amounts of magic and rule over vast lands. She wields a Seeing Orb capable of glimpsing into the near future as well as being a source of devastating fire magic. Like her sister, she had never wanted to take up the throne and the responsibility of her society and people; they both shared a fondness for the intimacy of non-magic battle. But being the older sister, one had to eventually take up the responsibility of the throne for the first empress was finally nearing the end of her lifespan. Although bitter she cannot ever lead the front lines of Ul’Entis’ great army, she has come to terms with the responsibilities set before her and strives to keep Ul’Entis safe from humans & demons alike.