King Arthur: Eclipse Prop Design

Devin yang sm propsbanner

Item Line-up

Devin yang thronefinal
Devin yang thronesketches

Sketch sheet for the throne. Wanted to stick with art deco geometry while balancing that with symbology of the Eclipse/stars. It was also the last item i designed so it was challenging finding its own color identity among the other props.

Devin yang excaliburfinal
Devin yang excalibursketches

Sketch sheet for Excalibur. Wanted the sword to draw power from the sun, so really went all out on art deco-inspired geometry and curvy lines representative of the sun. Silhouettes started relatively reserved and got more fantastical as I continued.

Devin yang morganaorbfinal
Devin yang morganorbsketches

Sketch sheet for Morgana's orb. Wasn't super happy with the ideas I came up here, so I mixed and matched a lot of small things I found OK to take it into a direction I actually liked.

Devin yang holygrailfinal
Devin yang grailsketches

Sketch sheet for the Holy Grail. Was pretty happy with my first themed sketch of the chalice, so I knew which direction I was going to take it in very early on. I liked the idea of a floating chalice and a sieve so I explored those ideas too.

Devin yang sm bannerfinal
Devin yang bannersketches

Banner sketch idea sheet. Sir Ector's coat of arms was already heavily reflective of the sun and stars so it was the most convenient for me to take it into a direction that aligned with my theme.

Devin yang refsheet

Reference Sheet

King Arthur: Eclipse Prop Design

For this ArtStation challenge, I knew I wanted to take it into a high fantasy sort of place heavily inspired by the eclipse. I referenced a ton of dark fantasy illustrations and concept art to understand the look of incorporating eclipse imagery and symbols into my items. Magic in my take of Camelot comes from the heavens and different peoples worship different magics (lunar/solar/celestial/etc). My top priority was giving all of my prop designs their own visual identity, but also having them look like they belong together in the same world when seen side by side. This definitely was a learning process since I've been doing mostly character-oriented concept art, but I'm ultimately pretty happy with the designs I came up with. It'll go a long way helping me design armor and weapons for my future characters as well!