Mermay 01 2021

General / 03 May 2021

Had a fun time sketching with a friend last night ~ hopefully I'll have time to make more cuz mermaids are absolutely so fun to make!

Petal Fencer Sketch

General / 22 April 2021

Warm-up character design from the other day ~ 

Spellbreak warm-up sketch

General / 25 March 2021

Scarlet Witch Fan Art

General / 10 March 2021

Had to finish up a Scarlet Witch sketch after work today because she absolutely deserves it and I'm gna miss seeing her around for a year until Dr Strange 2 comes around ;-;

Sage Spit Paint Portrait

General / 02 March 2021

Took a 30 min spit paint a bit further during lunch as a treat! 

Line Art Practice 01

General / 14 January 2021

Nameless Snake Charmer Lady for line art practice! Gotta get better :)

Blue Eyeshadow Portrait

General / 07 January 2021

Just wanted to quench an urge to render some blue eyeshadow!