Star Guardian Katarina Fan Art

General / 16 June 2022

Some fun explorations of Star Guardian Katarina in between work :) 

Xialing Fan Art

General / 20 April 2022

Wanted to get some Xialing fan art off my chest! She was such a badass during ShangChi! Can't wait for more of her :D 

Wheel of Time Fan Art

General / 18 February 2022

Loved this show so much, I absolutely had to make fan art!! Struggled but also had a lot of fun stylizing Lan and Moiraine's faces :)) 

Cooldown Sketch - Nam Ra

General / 03 February 2022

Wanted to draw a fun take on Nam Ra from Netflix's new Korean Zombie flick, All of Us Are Dead! Super hype show, loved it so much :) 

Commission 01

General / 27 January 2022

Worked on a full body render commission for my friend's DnD character~ It's been a while since my last full body render so this was quite fun and refreshing to do again :) 

Mel - Arcane Fan Art

General / 11 November 2021

Quick lil 3 hour speed paint of miss Mel from Arcane! LOVE her design so much I had to draw somethin~ 

Elderwood Karma Fan Skin

General / 31 October 2021

Didn't have lots of time this month this year, but I did want to make one for the season of Skintober, so went with Karma! Lots of fun playing with Elderwood colors/thematic :D 

Shinobu - Kimetsu no Yaiba

General / 25 August 2021

Finished some personal work for the first time in over a month! Super refreshing and fun to do :) Love this show! 

Sentinel of Light Aphelios

General / 02 July 2021

Fun little post-work day sketch of a Sentinel of Light skin for League of Legends character, Aphelios! 

Char Design w/ Qiu Fang W2 & Final Week HW

General / 17 June 2021

Final week's homework prompt was a lineup of a trio of hunters with visible function on a team & set in a fantasy biome (tundra!). I put a little twist on the hunters and added red flowers that serves as an aroma to attract what they're hunting. 

W2 assignment prompt was to practice hard surface design as well as 3/4 back view! 

Learned tons from these assignments and can't wait to put everything I learned towards my next portfolio project :)