Devin Yang

Concept Artist & Illustrator

I'm Devin, a queer Chinese American concept artist specializing in character design with 5+ years of industry experience! I love fashion, film, and colorful sparkly things~


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Spellcraft – Skin Concepts

"Godlike" Skin Explorations

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Demon Puncher Mercury

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Steamforged Games – Adventures & Academia Figurine Set

Witching Hour – Main Characters

Witching Hour is an original fantasy academia universe built around students going to a prestigious witching school to further learn and grow strong in each of their respective magic practices! Below are the final concepts & exploratory designs for the 4 main characters – Aiden, Luke, Viktor, and Leif.

Aiden Kaleidos

Aiden from the Witching House of Kaleidos holds the power of astral fire. He is a hard-working, fiesty, and playful character who's much quicker to react than to think. He's had everything handed to him on a silver spoon, and realizes he needs to work doubly hard to be top of class!

Luke Frigidaria

Lucius from the Witching House of Frigidaria wields ice-imbued weapons. He is a seemingly cold, reserved, and grouchy character who's suffered much loss in his life surviving the Biting Cold growing up. He's battle-hardened, but is really a soft boy on the inside. Luke's family wants him to be the heir to the northern citadel, but he feels lost after starting school.

Viktor Crimsonne

Viktor from the Witching House of Crimsonne adeptly wields blood magic and is able to manifest a rapier made from his own life energy. He is an arrogant, chaotic, slightly sadistic character who had to work extra hard to be as strong as he is, having been born with lower than average magic attunement. Blood magic is tied to and reflective of his sexuality.

Leif Bloom

Leif from the Witching House of Bloom holds the power to summon carnivorous plants. He is a shy, apprehensive, and a reclusive character who is still figuring out how to control his enormous magical potential. He's had a difficult time balancing leadership with his own introspective personality up until this point in time.

Witching Hour – NPC Outfits

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Rec Room – Full Body Avatar Cosmetic Concepts

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